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The bioeconomy is our goal to bring upadated technology innovation , patent inf reagarding biomass and bioenergy using modern simulation of bioeconomy uses biomass crop known as 1st Generation , also the second-generation biomass (crop residues or refuge), and third-Generation biomass (seaweed, algae). Several methods of processing can be studied here by the community that can be used togather the most out of the biomass to fuel , food, fertilzer and feed with viable technology

PGRS, Inc.
At Precision Gutters, Roofing, & Siding (PGRS, Inc), we value energy efficiency and reducing your energy consumption. If you have an old or faulty roof, you could be losing hundreds each year as home is constantly losing air creating by your HVAC system. Let the expert contractors at PGRS help - we'll install a quality roof that won't waste energy or even install solar panels on the top of your residential home.

Greenify Your Home
Greenify Your Home are independent energy consultants, Established in 2013 after several years experience in the renewable industry, specialising in making homes more energy efficient, reducing the homes carbon footprint and ultimately making the home cheaper to run.

Alternative Energy, Inc.
Founded in 2008, Alternative Energy, Inc. specializes in the distribution of "Made in America" solar and wind-powered generators, lighting, and refrigeration systems, as well as in project development and public relations in support of large scale solar energy. We are proud partners in the Environmental Protection Agency - WaterSense and Department of Energy - ENERGY STAR programs. Call us today at 484-593-4262 or visit our website at for more information!

Aproved Trader
Approved Trader is made up of various companies offering help advice and installation of alternative energies for the home, from solar panels, to hydro electric power generation, Approved Trader has all the facts on the different options available. Alternative energy sources have numerous subsadories and grants available with many offers available to help promote new technoligies to power your property, keep up to date with the latest news and tecnology with Aproved Trader

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