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manufacturers - hydroelectric power equipment

CALB Co., Ltd., one of the largest lithium battery manufacturer in China. We also established JV in Pomona, California, USA and sale office in Germany. We are now working with most of the Class A vehicle producers in China and some international customers, including AXEON POWER, TURN-E, ALL GREEN, AMP, ETC. Besides we have wide experience in batteries used on UPS for telecommunications and grid peak cutting and frequency regualtion.

G-Team a.s.
G-Team a.s. is a Czech manufacturer of small steam turbines, which have small space requirements, easy industry application and short payback period. The micro steam turbines made by G-Team are used in many plants - for example in Sugarcane Factory in Egypt, in Laundry in Scotland, in Power Plant in Cuba or in Food Industry Nestle in Poland.

GGB Bearing Technology
GGB Bearing Technology is the global leader in high-performance bearing solutions specifically designed to meet and exceed individual customer needs. Through our global production platform and supply network, we offer the industry's most extensive portfolio of self-lubricating and pre-lubricated plain bearings for numerous applications in a variety of industries.

Gray Water Recycling Systems, LLC
We manufacture gray water purification systems for single and multi family homes, resorts, hotels and commercial use. Units capture water from shower, bath and laundry, then purify, disinfect, store and deliver that water to be safely reused for irrigation and other recycled water uses.

Gulf Stream Turbines LLC
Gulf Stream Turbines LLC using patented submersible turbines in the Coriolis-force ocean currents off the coasts of SE Florida, USA and the SE coast of Japan. The hydrokinetic energy produced will generate 1.2 MW per turbine, and offset up to 13,000 tons of CO2 emissions with each turbiine, when compared with a fossil fuel plant. The electricity produced has a capacity factor of 85% to 90%+ compared to either wind or solar. The electricity+ the hydrogen produced has a zero carbon footprint. TNBT

Components for builders of microhydro systems - custom runners, nozzles, turbine sizing spreadsheet, example site photo tour. Contact by email please.

Honghai Pump Co.,Ltd
" Honghai Pump Co., Ltd is devoting to offering the best oil pump solution around the world, which takes the leading position in China.Honghai consists mainly of R&D, engineering, trade services, which has sophisticated equipment, advanced design, production and testing means.Our products are widely used in the national petroleum, chemical, marine, power and other fields. In the past 8 years, Honghai had provided the optimal oil pump solutions for the various clients from over 50 countries. Wi

Hunan Unique Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd with its primary operation in iron and steel, produces premium iron and steel products with high technology contents and added values and has fostered three major product lines, namely carbon steel, stainless steel and special steel. These premium steel products not only cater to the domestic demands but are also exported to more than forty countries and regions through our worldwide marketing network for extensive application in industries such as automobile.

Hydraulic Press Manufacturers
Hydraulic Press Manufacturers is the most specialized platform and comprehensive database of hydraulic press manufacturers. Entirely detailed information is provided and sorted by topic and category, including Mechanical Press, Hydraulic Press, and related press machines. Within products, e-catalog, HD online video to meet your very requirements. Welcome to visit us at:

Hydro Electric Barrel
New Hydro Electric Project for 2009 Very cost effective to manufacture for Pico and Micro hydroelectric energy For full technical spec See

Offers Products and services in renewable energy focusing on micro hydel development in Pakistan

Hydrolink Engineering & Equipment Company (Pvt) Lt
Consist of professional team, provides you a complete product line for Mini, Micro and Small hydro power projects-------from survey to operators training---

Wave power generators

Mason technologies limited
Mason has developed and manufactured high quality LED(Including blue,white,purple,pure green,rose red,viliet,high power,piranha LED etc.),Lamp,infrared receiver,Phototransistor,display,SMD etc.LED application produtcs including lawnlight,decorative light,Christmas light,baluster light,led bulb and LED modules etc.

Ocean Power Technologies

Permanent Magnet Generators Limited
PM Generators Ltd. (PMGL) is a leading manufacturer of ISO certified Permanent Magnet Generators and Control Systems. With its international contracts, the company deals with envronment-friendly generators throughout USA, Europe, Africa, and Asia. PMGL Generators: - Diesel Generators - Hydro - Industrial - Wind

Quick Die Change -Forwell Precision Machinery Co.,
Since its establishment in 1987, FORWELL has engaged in producing Quick Mold Change System, Quick Die Change System and PCB Fine Piercing System. With strict quality control along the production line, our products of Quick Mold Change System, Quick Die Change System and PCB Fine Piercing System are all fully examined and scrutinized thus to make sure that we provide our customers with top quality products.

Sapcon Instruments Pvt Ltd
Sapconinstruments is a leading manufacture of level measurement instruments & controls for a wide variety of industrial and non industrial markets. We manufacture industrial process control and automation instruments.

Shenzhen Lanke Electronics Co., Ltd.
Lanke, founded in 1994,has been growing in the field of manufacturing and sales of LED lamp (Light Emitting Diode) and LED applied products for 10 years, our monthly capacity has exceeded 70 million

Smart Hydro Power GmbH
Smart Hydro Power is a small German based engineering company. The company develops, produces and commercializes affordable and environment-friendly kinetic micro hydropower systems. Since its foundation in 2010, the company has worked on several successful projects with internationally renowned partners. The technology is standardized and easily scalable. Although qualifying as "green" the products are positioned as the best alternative for decentralized electrification along rivers. Recently

Steel Buildings Design
Encino, CA 91436, December 25, 2012 – While many businesses have been affected by the economy, businesses such as Steel Buildings Design says that business is still booming. They plan on providing professional services in 2013. Steel Buildings Design is listed as the first ISO Quality Assured Steel Buildings supplier in the United Kingdom. They were founded back in 1988 and today, despite the economy downfall, they are still running strong.

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