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California Dreamin’ Makes Hydrogen Future a Reality Robert Rose and Jennifer Gangi Fuel Cells 2000

Apr 2014

Until the throughput at these stations increases with automakers rollout of their FCEVs in larger amounts, the state’s subsidies and funding support are crucial and have helped make California an example to the world on how to move forward towards a cleaner transportation future.
States Keeping U.S. at Fuel Cell Forefront Jennifer Gangi Fuel Cells 2000

Feb 2014

The report identifies the “Top 5 Fuel Cell States” – California, Connecticut, New York, Ohio, and South Carolina.
The Business Case for Fuel Cells - Power Reliability and Savings Sandra Curtin Fuel Cells 2000

Dec 2013

More than 88 megawatts (MW) of stationary fuel cells have been installed or ordered by U.S. businesses and utilities.
Residential-scale power generation Sandra Curtin and Benedikt Scherer Fuel Cells 2000

Oct 2013

Residential-sited fuel cells are now becoming an option for consumers, with growing interest and big sales being made primarily outside of the United States.
The Word is “More” for Fuel Cell Buses Sandra Curtin and Maura Welch for Fuel Cells 2000

Jun 2013

So far 2013 has been an exciting year for fuel cell buses, with a host of news reports from the U.S. and abroad.
Fuel Cells Backup Critical Infrastructure Chris DeArmond Fuel Cells 2000

Apr 2013

Fuel cells help reduce grid dependency and mitigate financial losses from power outages while keeping critical infrastructure up and running. No longer an environmentalist’s pipe dream, fuel cells’ reliability, scalability and wide range of fuel sources are saving money for companies in a variety of industries, and making dependable access to emissions-free power a reality.
Fuel Cells: The Perfect Power Partner Jennifer Gangi Fuel Cells 2000

Dec 2012

Fuel cells have an unmatched combination of benefits, leading the companies profiled to collectively save millions of dollars in electricity, labor and fuel costs while reducing carbon dioxide emissions by hundreds of thousands of metric tons per year.
States Advance Fuel Cell Growth Jennifer Gangi Fuel Cells 2000

Oct 2012

The fuel cell industry offers tremendous opportunity for manufacturing, engineering, and business development jobs, and once the supply chain, integrators, and service providers are factored in, could help the U.S. rebound and thrive in a competitive marketplace.
The Port of the Future:
The Potential of Fuel Cells to Green Our Nation’s Ports
Contributed by Fuel Cells 2000

Aug 2012

Fuel cells can help resolve many issues facing ports. By deploying this clean and modern technology, ports can reduce pollution and increase operational efficiency. Fuel cells generate electricity using electro-chemical reactions, not combustion, so there are no polluting emissions, only water and heat as by-products.
Green Innovation – Fukuoka Hydrogen Town So Masuda Fuel Cells 2000

Apr 2012

So far, the Hy-life project has been very successful and innovative – it aims to bring a change to Japan and eventually to the world. It seems slightly long-term because of its unprecedented trial in the world, but they are trying to implement the plan through sustainable procedures.
Fuel Cell Benefits Drive Repeat Customers Elizabeth Delmont Fuel Cells 2000

Feb 2012

Companies might be trying fuel cells to portray a green image, or to stay on the cutting edge of technology. They become repeat customers because the technology works and saves money over incumbent systems. As our reports show, there is a business case for fuel cells. With corporate, government, and international interest, fuel cell deployments are sure to grow even more over the next few years.
End of Summer Fuel Cell Road Trip Evelynn Escobar-Thomas Fuel Cells 2000

Oct 2011

Many fuel cells are being used at locations that people would never expect. To follow up on our series of fuel cell road trip articles (, we’ve found some up and coming fuel cell destinations that are worthy of a stop on your next summer vacation.
States Drive Impressive Fuel Cell Growth Evelynn Escobar-Thomas Fuel Cells 2000

Jun 2011

The fuel cell industry is still finding its foothold in the energy technology portfolio, but supportive state policies that help foster fuel cell installations, company relocations and growth will help keep the U.S. at the forefront of fuel cell commercialization for a wide variety of applications and power needs.
FuelCell Energy Fuel Cell Systems in California Contributed by Fuel Cells 2000

Feb 2011

These installations help propel not only FuelCell Energy’s image and financial stability, but also California’s standing as a fuel cell leader in not only the United States, but the world.
Supporting Fuel Cells Is Easy- Doing The Things You Already Do Elizabeth Delmont Fuel Cells 2000

Oct 2010

A new report from Fuel Cells 2000, “The Business Case for Fuel Cells: Why Top Companies are Purchasing Fuel Cells Today”, highlights 38 nationally recognized companies that are installing fuel cells.
Fuel Cells Find a Green Home in New Haven Erica Harkins Fuel Cells 2000

Aug 2010

The greenest apartment building ever constructed officially opened to its residents on August 1, 2010. Located in downtown New Haven, Connecticut, 360 State Street elevates green living from a guilt-trip to recycle and compost to an attractive and hassle-free lifestyle.
State of the States: Fuel Cells in America Elizabeth Delmont Fuel Cells 2000

Jun 2010

Fuel cells are here today, available for purchase and already taking off in early markets such as the telecommunications industry, materials handling equipment, and combined heat-and-power stationary systems.
Fuel Cell Road Trip! Sandra Curtin Fuel Cells 2000

Feb 2010

We‘ve compiled a handy guide to some interesting US fuel cell installations, many of which are used to power public establishments, giving you a chance to visit, view a fuel cell, or ask a few questions of the proprietors.
Potential market for residential fuel cells and combined heat and power systems. Elizabeth Delmont Fuel Cells 2000

Dec 2009

Fuel cells are already powering hundreds of installations world-wide from cell phone towers to large scale facilities. In the United States fuel cells are providing low-carbon electricity to businesses such as Whole Foods grocery stores in New England and Sierra Nevada’s brewery in California. Fuel cell power systems can also be used to generate power in your home.
Fuel Cells Enlist in Armed Forces Elizabeth Delmont Fuel Cells 2000

Oct 2009

Fuel cells have the potential to dramatically change how the military carries out its missions, and how soldiers operate in the field. With the largest, most technologically advanced military in the world, the U.S. armed services use an immense amount of fuel and electricity, and any use of alternative energy would have positive effects on reducing greenhouse gas emissions. However, fuel cells are of particular interest to the military not for their environmental savings, but because of unique technical features that can aid soldiers in the field.
Fuel Cells Give New Meaning to "Green Grocer" Elizabeth Delmont Fuel Cells 2000

Aug 2009

Some major chains have turned to fuel cell technology to help reduce their carbon footprint and their dependence on the electrical grid. Fuel cells provide clean, quiet, and reliable power to an industry that cannot afford to experience electricity outages. Stores are using fuel cells to generate heat, hot water, electricity, and even to power vehicles.
UTC Power Chalking Up Fuel Cell Installations Jennifer Gangi Fuel Cells 2000

Oct 2008

Over here in the United States, UTC Power has racked up several significant high profile fuel cell installations with more coming down the pipeline.
HOME SWEET FUEL CELL HOME Jennifer Gangi Fuel Cells 2000

Jun 2008

There are fuel cells installed in stationary applications all over the world, in a wide variety of locations, including hotels, hospitals, schools, telecommunications towers, breweries and in some parts of the world, notably Japan, in houses and apartment complexes.
Fuel Cells Breathe Easy in Great Outdoors Jennifer Gangi Fuel Cells 2000

Oct 2007

Using fuel cells in recreational applications means no more smoky emissions and loud operating noises from standard generators, as well as longer lasting power and easier refueling than today's batteries. That should make everyone breathe a little easier.
Fuel Cells Do Some Heavy Lifting Jennifer Gangi Fuel Cells 2000

Jun 2007

While fuel cell passenger vehicles are still several years down the road, forklifts provide an excellent framework to showcase the potential of fuel cell technology while providing a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly alternative for distribution centers.
Fuel Cells Drive Other Applications Besides Cars Jennifer Gangi Fuel Cells 2000

Jun 2006

Imagine your cell phone lasting for 30 days without recharging, or your laptop running continuously for nine hours or more. Wouldn't it be great if it only took seconds to recharge your PDA?

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